Check Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records Online (2023)

If you are planning to register your land, here are the steps to register your land on bhoomi karnataka portal:

  • Step 1: Visit the Sub-registrar’s office in your area.

  • Step 2: Submit all land-related documents along with a stamp paper to the Sub-registrar for verification.

  • Step 3: Once your documents get approved, pay the land registration fee and obtain a receipt.

  • Step 4: Next, your photograph will be taken by the officials.

  • Step 5: Then, both the seller and the buyer must give a confirmation mutually.

  • Step 6: The transaction must be completed in the presence of a witness.

  • Step 7: The land is then deemed to be registered.

  • Step 8: Thereafter, the land document will be assigned a unique registration identification number.

  • Step 9: Lastly, information about land sale will reach Patwari, who will record the transactions in the Jamabandi registry (also known as the Record of Rights).

What is RTC in Karnataka

RTC(Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops), also known as Pahani, is an essential land record document supplied to existing land owners in Karnataka. This document contains essential details about the land which are listed below:

  • Details about the landowner

  • Information about the type of soil

  • Identification of the type of land

  • Details about the grown crops (past and current both)

  • Size of the land

  • Required amount of water for the land

  • Charges for the required amount of water

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  • Details about the bank loan and collateral used

  • Tenancy details

  • Nature of possession

How to get RTC Karnataka Online in Bhoomi Portal

Here are the steps to follow to access RTC online Karnataka records.

How to View RTC Form 16 Online

Below are the steps to View Karnataka Land Record RTC Form 16:

  • Step 1: Browse the Bhoomi land records Karnataka website.

  • Step 2: Select the ‘View RTC Information’ option. You will be redirected to a new page.

Check Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records Online (1)

  • Step 3: Enter the required details such as district, taluk, village, and so on.

Check Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records Online (2)

  • Step 4: Next, select ‘Fetch Details’ in order to access your RTC Form 16 online.

Karnataka Land Conversion Based on Affidavit

The affidavit-based land conversion system has been implemented by the state government in order to ease the approval procedure for the conversion of agricultural land portions to non-agricultural land. Karnataka is the first state to introduce this kind of system.

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Under this, the approval is given to owners of agricultural lands with the intent of making the land available for operations that are not farming-related. This method is introduced to significantly reduce delays in the land-use transfer procedure. State residents, tehsildars, and revenue inspectors, among others, can obtain benefits from this facility.

However, while using this facility, you must submit the following documents.

  • Record of Rights (RoR)

  • Tenancy and crop status

  • 11E sketch (in the case of more than one landowner)

  • An affidavit on a stamp paper of ₹200

Procedure to Obtain Affidavit Online for Land Conversion in Karnataka

Here are the steps to follow to get an online affidavit for land conversion in Karnataka:

  • Step 1: Visit the Bhoomi Karnataka portal.

  • Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Services’ section and click on ‘Citizens Portal.’

  • Step 3: Now, click on the ‘Citizen/Applicant Login’ option.

  • Step 4: Enter your Bhoomi Id and password.

  • Step 5: After logging in, go to the ‘Affidavit-Based Conversion’ tab.

  • Step 6: Select the ‘New Request’ alternative.

  • Step 7: Provide the necessary details like district, village name, and so on.

  • Step 8: Click on the ‘Get Owners’.

  • Step 9: Provide details like the Aadhaar card number, address, mobile number, etc of the landowner.

  • Step 10: Next, click on ‘Add Owner.’

  • Step 11: Provide the transaction details.

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  • Step 12: Thereafter, choose the ‘Generate Affidavit’ alternative.

  • Step 13: If only a portion of the property is being converted or the RTC has multiple individual owners, the alienation sketch number must be provided.

  • Step 14: Your affidavit will be generated after that.

  • Step 15: Download the affidavit and sign it.

  • Step 17: You must submit the affidavit through the online portal or by visiting the taluk office of your area.

How to access Bhoomi Online Revenue Maps

Aside from Karnataka land records, citizens can now easily access Bhoomi online revenue maps with the help of the Bhoomi Karnataka portal. Following are the steps for the same.

  • Step 1: Go to the Bhoomi Karnataka website.

  • Step 2: Next, choose ‘Revenue Maps’ from the Survey (SSLR) Services tab.

Check Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records Online (3)

  • Step 3: You will be redirected to a new page where you must enter details like the village, district, etc.

Check Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records Online (4)

  • Step 4: Now, click on ‘View Maps.’ The map will be displayed on the screen.

How to Extract Mutation Report in Bhoomi Portal

Below are the steps to extract mutation report on bhoomi karnataka portal:

Check Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records Online (5)

  • Step 4: Now, click on the ‘Mutation Report’ option.

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Check Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records Online (6)

  • Step 5: Enter the required details such as hissa number, district, survey number, etc, and press on ‘Fetch Details.’

  • Step 6: The data will appear on the screen.

How to get Revenue Maps for Karnataka Land Records Online

You may download revenue maps just by following the below-listed steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the Bhoomi Karnataka homepage.

  • Step 2: Then, under the Survey (SSLR) Services section, choose 'Revenue Maps.'

  • Step 3: You will be taken to a new window where you must input information such as the village, district, type of map, and so on.

  • Step 4: Now, click on 'View Maps.'

  • Step 5: After viewing it, you may download the map in PDF format.

How to View Bhoomi Dispute Case Reports Online

Below are the steps to view Bhoomi dispute cases.

  • Step 1: Go to the ‘Bhoomi Dispute Case Reports’ webpage.

  • Step 2: Select ‘District’ and ‘Taluk.’

  • Step 3: Click on ‘Get Report’ in order to view the details.

Documents, Fees, and Charges on Bhoomi Karnataka Portal

Through the Bhoomi Karnataka site, the Karnataka government has provided a digital platform that offers several services like land records, access to revenue maps, etc at one platform. This has simplified things for the citizens, saving them time and effort. In addition to the online site, the government has also established land record kiosks in the state. Residents can visit these offices to obtain their land documents. However, you are required to pay fees in order to obtain these documents. Here’s a closer look at the applicable charges.





Mutation Status


RTC (Rights, Tenancy and Crops)


Mutation Extracts


Bhoomi land records Karnataka gov in online has simplified the process of land registry and streamlined it for landowners in the state. However, if you are thinking of building a home or even buying one, finances can be a dampener.

Karnataka Land Records (Bhoomi): Mobile App

In addition to the web portal, Bhoomi mobile app is available on Google Play Store. It contains all the features as available on the web portal.

Karnataka Land Records Contact Details

In case of any information or grievance one can contact to following number, Email ID’s and Address:

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Contact Number

080 22113255

Email Id,

Director’s Address

Director of Bhoomi and UPOR: Bhoomi Monitoring Cell, SSLR Building, K.R. Circle Bangalore – 560001

Special Duty Commissioner's Address

Special Deputy Commissioner Bhoomi Monitoring Cell, SSLR Building, K.R. Circle Bangalore – 560001


You must have understood what Bhoomi Karnataka is and how you can access the land records from it now. This article has covered crucial facts concerning the online portal, land record details, registration process, and so on, allowing residents to know details about the property in Karnataka with ease. If you are planning to purchase a property in Karnataka, you can avail of a home loan through a few simple steps. This process has been made easy by Bajaj Markets, where you can get home loans from various home loan providers.

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How can I check my land record online in Karnataka? ›

Step 1: login to the official Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records website i.e., and click on Bhoomi icon. Step 4: If you want to get the land details Survey No Wise, click the button and fill in the following details. Step 5: Click on the 'View land Details' button.

How can I check my land survey number in Karnataka? ›

The land survey number is usually mentioned on the sale deed. If you are not able to find it there, you can also go to the land revenue office or municipality authority to find out the land survey number. Alternatively, you can download the Dishannk App from the Google Playstore if you want to search for the survey no.

What is RTC number in land records? ›

Record of rights, tenancy, and crop inspection is known as RTC or Pahani. 2. It is basically a land record that contains details relating to land such as owner's details, area, assessment, water rate, nature of possession of the land, liabilities, tenancy, etc.

WHAT IS MR in Karnataka land Records? ›

MR meaning in Land Records

MR stands for Mutation Report. It is basically a report on change of ownership of the property at the time of transfer from the seller to the new buyer.

How can I check my property record online? ›

Just visit and check the ownership of property or land. The Sindh Board of Revenue manages all matters regarding property and land in the province. This online system has made the life of people and they can easily search the ownership in their home.

How can I check my Katha online? ›

Steps how to check khata details online in karnataka
  1. Install e Swathu in your mobile device.
  2. Once you reach the Karnataka Bhoomi Records.
  3. Register yourself to Karnataka Bhoomi Records.
  4. Click on search your property icon.
  5. Fill the land details required in the columns.
  6. Tap on verify option.
  7. E Khata will be view on your screen.
21 May 2021

How do I find survey number? ›

You can find the land survey number on your sale deed. However, if you have any more confusion, you can visit the official site of the concerned state where your property is situated.

How can I get survey of property in Karnataka? ›

What is the application process for land survey in Karnataka?
  1. Go to the land survey department in your district.
  2. Submit an application request land survey of your property along with the required documents.
  3. Pay the required fee for land survey in Karnataka.
  4. You will get a transaction id to track the application status.

What is a Khata certificate? ›

A Khata certificate is a legal document used for computing and filing property tax in Karnataka. It contains all the property details, such as the owner's details, property size, location, carpet area, built-up area, tax assessment, and property identification number.

Is Khata and RTC same? ›

E Khata is Electronic Format/Computer format of A Khata. E Khata will have same content as A Khata. The RTC (Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops) also referred to as Pahani is an important land record in Karnataka that is issued to the existing land owner.

Is pahani and RTC same? ›

Land records Karnataka RTC or Record of Rights, Tenancy, and Crops is a document that contains each and every detail of land ownership and land records. RTC is also known as Pahani.

Is RTC and EC same? ›

Another question at village level when there is no conversion when a buyer buys from a seller, which is a partial (not full) of his/her property, then the Katha / RTC would show the seller as owner and not the buyer. But, as it was registered with the registrar the EC would show the buyer as the new owner.

What is Tippani in land records? ›

A Tippani or a Survey is basically as document which provides the short description of a particular survey number. It contains the measurements of the land along with a sketch of the property. It is issued by the survey department.

What is Form No 10 in land records? ›

Land Reforms Act, 1961 (for short, 'KLR Act') and Form 10, being the certificate of registration of a tenant ... grant of occupancy rights and conditions imposed in Form 10 under the KLR Act are irrelevant, since, under Section. Karnataka High Court. Cites 31 - Cited by 0 - Full Document. A.

What is 11E in land records? ›

The survey sketch in Form 11E reflects the mutation (of specified types – sale, partition, gift) involving part extents of a survey number and denotes boundaries of newly carved out lands on sale, partition or gift. In common parlance it is called '11E sketch'.

How do I check ownership of land? ›

7 Steps of Verifying Land Title in Lagos Nigeria
  1. Doing a background check at the Lagos State Land Registry. ...
  2. Doing a background check at the Lagos State Land Registry. ...
  3. Conducting a survey confirmation at the Surveyor-General's office. ...
  4. Conducting a background check at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
12 Jul 2022

How do you check if your land is registered? ›

Search at the Probate Registry- to verify a land in Lagos, it is important to conduct a search at the probate registry to disclose whether probate has been given on any estate; who the administrators of the estate are; or to determine the executors of a testator in a situation of properties belonging to the estate of a ...

How can I check land on my name? ›

Go to the website for Punjab province and for Sindh province. Enter the name of the District, tehsil/Taluka, and Area/Deh to verify Property ownership status.

Is Khata proof of ownership? ›

Strictly speaking, a Khata certificate or Khata extract is only evidence that property tax has been paid on the said property. It does not confer any ownership of property on the person in whose name it stands.

Where is Khata property ID? ›

PID is a 10 digit property identification number. PID is allotted by revenue department to every individual property. PID number is located in tax paid receipt.

What is E Katha in Karnataka? ›

Khata is a significant document required for buying or selling any type of property. The two general types of khatas- A khata and B khata has already been discussed along with the procedure of obtaining it. The new entrant to the Khata world is the E-Khata which refers to electronic Khata which is filled online.

What is survey number in Karnataka? ›

It is basically a unique number assigned to a specific piece of land provided by the Survey Department to a particular area of the earth's surface or land to maintain records. 2. The record contains information like the location, size, shape, and ownership of the land created by the surveyor.

How can I get survey number in Bhoomi? ›

How to Extract Mutation Report in Bhoomi Portal
  1. Step 1: Visit Bhoomi homepage. ...
  2. Step 2: Select the 'Mutation Report (MR)' option to check the Status of Mutation.
  3. Step 3: Enter the required details such as the district name, Taluk, Hobli, Village, Survey Number, Surnoc Number and Hissa Number.

Can Google maps show survey numbers? ›

Step 5 : To display the survey numbers on the map, click on this symbol which is available at below the temporary palces to expand the layers. Now survey numbers will be displayed with icon as shown below. If you don't want the survey numbers icon, please follow the below steps.

What is the cost for land survey in Karnataka? ›

For urban areas, the fee for land survey in Karnataka may range anywhere between ₹ 1,500 to ₹ 2,500 per application. Here surveyors mainly have a fixed pay, i.e., ₹ 800 per survey.

How can I check my Khata status in Karnataka? ›

Please follow the below steps to check the status of your khata.
  1. Step 1: Log in to Sakala Online service. Here is the weblink for your reference.
  2. Step 2: In menu, click on “Check status”. Refer to the below image.
  3. Step 3: Select your application number. ...
  4. Step 4: Check the application status in status bar.

How do I get 11E sketch online? ›

For obtaining the 11E sketch you may have to approach the land revenue department only and not the registrar's office, apply for survey of property, get the sketch prepared and recorded in their records, after which you can apply for registration.

Can we construct house in B Katha? ›

Building or property having only a B Khata is an illegal property. So it is better to first get the land converted into A khata than only purchase or construct. B Khata is issued to properties that are in violation of building byelaws and government norms and have pending property tax dues to be cleared.

What is a Katha B Katha? ›

The A Khata and B Khata are nothing but documents certifying the ownership of a property via the taxes paid by the owner to the BBMP. A Khata means accounts, and A Khata and B Khata denote the two types of property accounts kept by the BBMP.

Can we download Khata certificate online? ›

You can opt for BBMP Khata certificate online download by following these steps: Visit the Sakala Online Services website or click on Login using your User name and password or create one. Select the Download option in menu.

How do you know if Katha is A or B? ›

There are two types of Khata, A Khata and B Khata.
  1. A Khata: This document denotes the proper tax payment by the owner to the BBMP. ...
  2. B Khata: This document signifies that the owner's property in Bangalore is illegal or is in violation of government regulations.
10 Jan 2022

Can we buy B Khata property? ›

There are not any specific safety issues in owning B Khata properties. A B khata also allows you to sell your properties but I also want you to know that you might face issues in case you want to reconstruct or build your properties, as a B Khata doesn't offer building rights.

Which is better A Khata or B Khata? ›

Khata A properties are considered legal whereas Khata B properties are considered illegal even if the property owner has the proper ownership documents. Khata A property owners can transfer ownership or resell their properties easily while B Khata owners may not be able to do so.

What is Patta pahani? ›

Pahani is a revenue record that contains all the details of a land . It contains valuable data of land such as details of owner, cultivator, survey number, khata number, total land under pahani, land revenue details, etc. It is also called as "Patta" in the neighboring states of Karnataka. Rakesh, Bangalore.

What is EC full form? ›

An Encumbrance Certificate (EC) is a crucial document used as evidence of free title/possession of a property.

How can I get land records in Karnataka pahani RTC? ›

Open the official website of the land record Karnataka. Scroll the page and go to the “Choose The Online Document You Need To Download” Choose “RTC” or “mutation extract” which you want to get. Click the “get application” option given under the RTC or Mutation extract as per your choice.

What is EC in Bhoomi? ›

Encumbrance certificate shortly called as EC is one of the most important documents to validate the title of a property. Encumbrance Certificate record assures that the property is free from any legal or monetary dues such as uncleared loans or mortgages.

What documents are needed for Khata? ›

What are the documents required for khata transfer?
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Sale Agreement copy with the attestation of notary public.
  • Receipts of the taxes paid (Current year)
  • Encumbrance Certificate.
  • Former owner's Khata Certificate.
  • Death Certificate of the previous owner (if necessary)
  • Affidavit, in cases of a will (if necessary)
16 Mar 2022

How many types of EC are there? ›

There are two types of EC: Form 15 and Form 16.

What is J slip Karnataka? ›

J-slips containing information on transfer of agricultural lands is transmitted electronically from KAVERI to BHOOMI to speed up the mutation process and to eliminate the errors in manual process. Land details are captured from BHOOMI during registration process, there by avoiding duplicate registration.

What is Patta land in Karnataka? ›

2 min read • Updated: Jul 07, 2022. Issued by the Government of India, a land patta is a legal document comprising the details of the owner of the property. Also referred to as 'Record of Rights', pattas can be used as evidence in the case of a dispute.

What is karda copy? ›

Karda Copy: It signifies the occupant or the eldest or principal of several joint occupants, whose name is authorisedly entered in the Government records as holding unalienated land whether in person or by his co-occupant, tenant, agent, servant or other legal representatives.

What is form 10 in land records Karnataka? ›

Sample form 10 - Application for pointing out boundaries of land ( to be furnished before Tahsildar (LR)

What is Form 10A and 10AB? ›

Two separate forms have been prescribed for a trust, institution, or NGO as per the new rules: Form No. 10A: For provisional registration. Form No. 10AB: For conversion from provisional registration to permanent registration.

What is Form 3 in Karnataka? ›

Karnataka. Karnataka Minimum Wages Rules. This is a mandatory filing for any establishment covered under this Rule.

What is 11 a Khata? ›

It is issued by BBMP to every property that falls under its jurisdiction. Khata acts as evidence that the property owner has paid the property tax on a particular property.

What is Podi in land records? ›

1) What is Podi ? Podi Extracts is a document of bifurcation of land with old and new survey number, among the joint owners. It indicates the bifurcation made on a survey number into sub-survey numbers.

What is validity of 11e sketch? ›

The sketch created by the private landowner has legal validity and once it gets approved by the Survey Department, the owner can use 11 E sketch for registration in sub-registrar office, conversion of land use, podi sketch to get individual RTC.

How can I check my e Katha online in Karnataka? ›

You can obtain your property's E-Khatha through the portal The scheme was introduced to cut down forgeries in transactions related to land and property, and to regulate registrations of plots/properties in unauthorised layouts.

How do I look up a certificate of land title? ›

There are five places you can go to if you want to verify the authenticity of property titles.
  1. Registry of Deeds. ...
  2. Municipal or City Assessor's & Treasurer's Offices. ...
  3. Land Registration Authority (LRA) ...
  4. Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB)
12 Jul 2016

How can I check my Bbmp a Khata online? ›

You can access your e-khata details online easily by logging on to the official website of BBMP and using the Property Identification Number allotted to you anywhere, anytime. You can visit and enter your document number to verify the details entered in your khata documents.

What is e Khata in Karnataka? ›

Khata is a significant document required for buying or selling any type of property. The two general types of khatas- A khata and B khata has already been discussed along with the procedure of obtaining it. The new entrant to the Khata world is the E-Khata which refers to electronic Khata which is filled online.

How can I download e Khata online? ›

Post Successful
  1. Step 1: Open the Sakala Online Services website.
  2. Step 2: Login User name and Password. ...
  3. Step 3: Click on “Download” in menu and click “e-Signed Khata Certificate” from drop down. ...
  4. Step 4: Select Khata Application number from dropdown. ...
  5. Step 5: Click on “Khata Certificate” to download Khata certificate.

How do I find my property ID in Khata? ›

Your new PID, how to get it
  1. Go to the link
  2. Click on the tab 'GIS based new PID'
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click on 'To Know your New PID Click Here'
  4. Enter the application number you used for your 2008-2009 property tax payment or enter your old PID Number and click on 'Search'.

How do I get an original copy of my land title? ›

Complete User Guide in Getting Certified True Copy of Title using LRA eSerbisyo Portal
  1. What is a land title? ...
  2. Register a user account. ...
  3. Log in to LRA's eSerbisyo Portal. ...
  4. Request for Certified True Copy. ...
  5. Submit your request. ...
  6. Make the necessary payment. ...
  7. Delivery of CTC of Title.
15 Jul 2022

What is original certificate of title? ›

A certificate of title is a document or record that acts as proof of ownership of a property. It can come in some forms such as a tax declaration, a deed of sale, or a Torrens Certificate of Title.

How many days it will take for 11e sketch? ›

Post Successful
Maximum number of days to wait to get this service delivered45 Working Days
Whom to approach as a appeal (Competent Officer), if the service is not delivered in time or rejected by officerDeputy Director of Land records
9 more rows

What is 11e form? ›

A 11 E sketch is the sketch of the portion of a property which is set for sale. This sketch is usually prepared by the surveyor manually after visiting the spot. Once the sketch is done, it is given a new survey number with a certificate that has to be attested in the sale deed at the time of the transaction.

What is A Khata certificate? ›

A Khata certificate is a legal document used for computing and filing property tax in Karnataka. It contains all the property details, such as the owner's details, property size, location, carpet area, built-up area, tax assessment, and property identification number.

Can we get Khata certificate online? ›

An online Khata certificate is called E-Khata. It is a computerized record of your Khata. You can apply for a Khata certificate by visiting the SAKALA services. You need to submit the required documents to obtain the Khata certificate online.


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