Apple - Honeycrisp - tasting notes, identification, reviews (2023)

  • 03 Oct 2022Eugene Oomen

    A lot of HYPE for a over rated apple. I would compare them to a glorified spy. A lot of other apples out there are fare superior in crisp, crunch, flavor, and will also keep a lot better! Not at all with the money.

  • 12 Apr 2022Wayne J. Kozak

    I love Macintosh. I kept hearing about this variety. I bought some. These are excellent: juicy, crisp, sweet, etc. Worthwhile purchase.

  • 09 Dec 2020BobGEORGIA,United States

    While I can't claim to be an apple connoisseur, I do find that Honeycrisp is the best variety of apple I've had so far. Granted, I haven't had any rare or uncommon varieties of apples. The crisp, juiciness goes well with the sweet, almost punch-like flavor. I've had some that weren't so good, but when you get one in its correct state I think it's quite delicious.

  • 18 Nov 2020DawnSOUTHAMPTON,United Kingdom

    A rare visitor to the supermarket shelves, in the UK are these incredibly crisp soft skinned juicy delicious apples. Send more to the UK please.

  • 05 Jul 2020JimNY,United States

    It seems to me that it is a tail of two apples. If they are grown the North East they are excellent. The Honey Crisp I get that are grown in upstate NY are one of the best eating apples ever. They are Sweet/tart crisp and refreshing. The Honey Crisp from Washington State bland and insipid. They are one of the least appealing apples to eat.

  • 06 Jan 2020Ardeth CarlsonCO,United States

    I loved this apple variety when I first discovered it about 3 or 4 years ago. Since then I am usually very disappointed in the taste; it seems very bland and sometimes almost sour. I now purchase Fuji almost exclusively.

  • 21 Oct 2019SophyMI,United States

    Less flavor than Gold Delicious. It has some crunch, and it has some water, but not a lot of taste, just a bland kind of sweetness like if you put a little sugar - not a lot - on a cucumber. ugh.

  • 16 Jun 2019AtIDAHO,United States

    Great apple; pick it early it's great. Pick it a bit late, still great. Far superior to most cold hardy apples.

  • 15 Apr 2019HarryMD,United States

    Flavor is not consistent. Some very good, some disappointing. Price is too high for chancy purchase.

  • 02 Mar 2019Melanie SilvaSEATTLE,United States

    Pretty good apple. Doesn't have thick skin and the sweetness levels are well balanced. If you're looking for a good tasting basic apple, honeycrisp is the way to go.

  • 07 Dec 2018Apple Not The ComputerHALIFAX,Canada

    This apple is very good but there's wax on it and my friend is allergic to this wax and I wish he could enjoy this apple with me. This is why I gave it a 4 out of 5

  • 25 Sep 2018Mike hUK,United Kingdom

    Planted this tree in 2015 in an area that remains relatively damp all year. I removed all immature fruit in the first two seasons to favour root growth. This season, the tree has grown strongly and developed, with suitable pruning, a perfect shape/structure. The tree produced a lot of blossom this year and has been untroubled by pests. We have picked some 20 perfect apples, which all of my family and my friends say are the best they have ever tasted. They are sweet, crisp and the juice sort of explodes into your mouth as you chew. Children can't get enough of them. What a find. Get one if you can.

  • 18 Sep 2018DavidWA,United States

    Poor choice to grow at home: easily stunted by overbearing at a young age; youngest leaves cannot release sugars to the rest of the tree and become yellow and sickly looking, fruit hit hard by bitter pit and excavated by earwigs. One things good: it keeps shape baked, although it is very light in flavor that way.

  • 05 Sep 2018AdamME,United States

    So good. Always the best. Why are there even other options.

  • 28 May 2018CoralONTARIO,Canada

    I like Honeycrisp apples when they taste right, but often I find that they have a bitter flavour. My husband can't taste that bitterness. Have others experienced this?

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  • 02 Jan 2018EllieIOWA,United States

    I was first turned onto the Honeycrisp apple by a friend who sent one to me from Iowa to California, where I lived at the time. It was Crisp and juicy and sweet and just the best apple I ever had. Then suddenly they started showing up in our store in California but I was very disappointed in the flavor I think they may have been grown somewhere else other than the Midwest. Now I live in Iowa and I buy the honeycrisp apples here and they are definitely different than the honeycrisp apples I had in California. The Midwest honeycrisp apples are extremely crisp sweet and juicy. Chilled they're just amazing!

  • 27 Nov 2017EvaNEW JERSEY,United States

    I've given this apple several tries after hearing all the hype. Time and again, I've been disappointed. While they do have a great crunch, the flavor is sour and bland every time I eat it! Not sure if it's where they're grown, when they're picked or how they're stored but I just cannot believe the following this apple has. I much prefer a flavorful, sweet, tart, and tangy apple so Granny Smiths and Pink Ladies are currently my favorites. Most apples sold in supermarkets today seem to be pretty but bland also so I've decided to grow my own.

  • 09 Nov 2017MarkAZ,United States

    WAIT FOR THE SURPRISE!Been eating apples since early 70s (grew up in Minnesota). Have had a LOT of apples including the HC. Well, just today I tasted something I’ve never before: a standard HC, sure it was sweet and had a slight lemony tang, but the kicker was the hint of Lavender. Lavender! Unmistakeable, and never experienced that note in a HC or any other apple before. It was from Costco, so either WA or OR grown.

  • 21 Aug 2017j SteevesALBERTA,Canada

    Just waiting for the first crop off our Honeycrisp tree. We are west of Edmonton Alberta, with a 3 year old tree. (about 12 apples) Our winters didn't damage it at all.

  • 11 Aug 2017Andria eUnited Kingdom

    My absolute favorite apple after I discovered it at a fruit stand in Palisade, CO. I love that you can get them in the grocery store! Sadly, they aren't available in the UK, and Jazz apples are a poor replacement.

  • 16 Apr 2017LynneCOLORADO,United States

    Addicted to Honeycrisp! One of my favorite days of the year is the day they first arrive at the local market. Best of the best - they spoil it for the rest...

  • 09 Apr 2017ShannonAK,United States

    This is by far my favorite apple. Crisp, great flavor and very juicy. I won't eat any other variety.

  • 24 Feb 2017Terrance VanderhorstFL,United States

    I found Honey Crisp at my local Costco store in Naples Florida. Originally I wouldbuy Red Delicious and have maybe two a week. I now eat a Honey Crisp every night before bed! Outstanding Taste,Texture, Firmness, and a wonderful after taste that stays sweet long after I've finished! Being diabetic, I find it very satisfying and I know it has yet to affect my blood readings in the slightest!

  • 09 Dec 2016RobinMT,United States

    When was the last time you had an apple? Was it yesterday? The day before? Are you eating one right now? Because I am. This apple hasn't changed my life, but I feel like if my life needed a change, it would have. HoneyCrisp 4 life.

  • 08 Sep 2016Helen GodfreyWA,United States

    I have tried to grow two of these trees in my orchard, but they both died. 3 years ago I planted a bare root one into a large pot where it has thrived. It had 3 apples last year but they got ugly and pitted then rotted. This year there is ONE apple. I enclosed it in plastic sandwich bag to keep it clean and bug free-IT LOVES IT THERE!! It's huge and no bugs. Problem is I don't know the perfect time to pick it. It's beginning to change color and it will be in the 90's next week. I think I will open the bag and smell it. Any other ideas?

  • 31 Jan 2016DianeIA,United States

    I LOVE ? these Honeycrisp Apples. I started eating regular apples that my grocery store carried that we're already cut up. I came upon some Honeycrisp and that's when I was hooked on them. Don't thing I will eat another apples, but Honeycrisp. I eat 12 small apples a day at work and home. Does anyone know if this too many apples in a day? Is there any sodium in these, if so I will have to cut back.

  • 04 Oct 2015Mark uWI,United States

    I've never had a Golden Delicious that was "crunchy", so I don't know where they got that from. As for Honeycrisp, they're excellent. I consider them quite remarkable, as the flavor combined with the Granny Smith-like crunch is a quite remarkable combination.

  • 21 Sep 2015Carl On Cape CodMASSACHUSETTS,United States

    Nothing wrong with honeycrisp, but hardly exceptional. Certainly a very pretty apple. Very crisp, crunchy indeed, but perhaps even a bit hard? Taste is clean, sweet, very mildly fragrant, but unremarkable.

  • 30 Aug 2015AnneMO,United States

    I remember exactly the road I was driving on when I had my first honey crisp apple experience. It was by far the best apple I had ever tasted in my 24 years. A co-worker of mine had recently discovered them at a produce market near her home and wanted me to try one. Fast forward 5 years and I introduced them to my husband. I have ruined all other apples for him. He will only eat honey crisp and they are currently not available in our area. I called around and they are expected within the next 2 weeks. I guess the kids and I will be eating gala until then! I shop with a local fruit vendor who tells me apples are stored for a year before they even get sold. I am interested to learn more about that process.

    (Video) The Real Reason Honeycrisp Apples Are So Expensive

  • 20 Aug 2015Jan HulitaWISCONSIN,United States

    Several years ago we stopped at an apple orchard market and I spotted these apples that were kind of expensive. I thought I have to try these to see why. Well oh my, what an outstanding apple. Now our local orchard grows them and they are more reasonable. When we are out of honey crisp apples and I serve my DH an apple he says "this is not a honey crisp." Best apple ever.We were on a cruise and stopped in the port of Seattle. There is a big market there and I saw some honey crisp apples. Well I bought one and there was no comparison to the ones grown in the Midwest. A few more weeks I can go to our local orchard to get my honey crisp. Jan

  • 11 Jun 2015PetesWA,United States

    Best apple ever !! High price--but when picked appropriately (time) ...Juicy, crispy, lights flesh//Sweetness yo...

  • 02 Apr 2015Sydney bOHIO, USA,United States

    About 20 years ago I got some Honeycrisps that were grown in Michigan by a Mennonite family. They were hands down the most extrordinary apples I have ever tasted--intensely sweet and tangy, spicy, complex flavor; crisp and juicy. They were huge, bigger than grapefruit and tasty all the way to the core. I could only get them for a few weeks each summer and I looked forward to it eagerly! What a disappointment when the commercially grown apples labeled Honeycrisp came to market. Are they even the same variety? At best, the commercially grown specimens hint at the sublime, zesty flavor of gorgeous apples from the lovingly tended Michigan orchard, but they miss the mark by a wide gap.

  • 28 Oct 2014ScottMINNESOTA,United States

    The Honeycrisp apple is wonderful, if it is grown in the right climate. As someone who lives in Minnesota, the Honeycrisp that you get from an orchard are great. However, picking them up in a grocery store, they sometimes come from Washington or some other moderate climate. Make sure you are getting the good ones from Minnesota, Michigan or upstate New York. The apples from other areas are ok, but don't pay the premium price to pick them up.

  • 20 Sep 2014JSchreiberMN,United States

    We have our own honey crisp apple tree here in MN and it is our favorite "fresh eating" apple. However, we have tasted honey crisp from other parts of the U.S. and, as others have said, they are NOT that spectacular. The honey crisp was developed by the U of MN for cold climates. The tree needs a cold upper midwest winter to create a good-tasting apple.

  • 13 Sep 2014David lPA,United States

    My wife and I blind taste tested the two dozen varieties offered by the local farmer's market and Honeycrisp came out number one two years in a row. Sweet, crunchy, and a hint of tartness, make this the best apple I've tried yet. We also dried all the apples and once again, Honeycrisp came out on top in blind taste testing. Sadly it's the most expensive at the market, but worth it.

  • 07 Sep 2014Patricia BirchBC,Canada

    I'm growing my own - now 4 years old on M9. I find this apple disappointingly flavourless, though crisp and juicy. Other trees I have and prefer include Cox's Orange Pippin. I wonder if the problem is the mild coastal climate - would Honey Crisp be better in colder areas?

  • 03 Aug 2014Steven IppolitiFL,United States

    This is my favorite apple by far. I was raised in Upstate NY, which is apple country. Many orchards with fresh apples. If you try this apple, be sure it is fresh. The normal supermarket apples can not do this apple justice. They are great for applesauce, eating, juicing, or baking. They are crisp and firm. If you got some that weren't, then you got it from a poor orchard, or chain supermarket crop. They are sweet and tart and juicy. hands down the best apple out there.

  • 29 May 2014FrankUnited States

    I don`t understand the negative comments.This apple makes the others seem bland and insignificant but each to his own. I have a small orchard and 6 Honeycrispt trees and they grow and produce every year just fine. The trees have more and stronger limbs than others. They may not grow as fast in height but grow outwards making them nice and bushy looking. Nothing but good to say about the fruit itself.Tastes great and stores well. It`s a 10 in my book.

  • 15 May 2014Jo DaneDE,United States

    good during a short season--they tend to be a bit watery. They are quite sweet but they don't seem to store well. Sometimes it's hit or miss for them depending on how watery they are. When they are good, they are GREAT.

  • 04 Mar 2014MaryIA,United States

    I think I need to try another one of these apples because I don't get the hype. The one I had literally tasted like sweetened perfume water. It was very crisp and juicy, but it wasn't very sweet, and not tart whatsoever. It was nothing like what I expected from an apple. It was more floral than fruity. Do they all taste like this?

  • 05 Dec 2013LiliannaUnited States

    I think these are one of the best fruits for anyone and I'm not even fond of apples. I do highly recommend others that haven't tried one to pick one up at a local store. This apple is in my top ten favorite fruits. Honeycrisp is DELICIOUS!!!! Try it for yourself!!

  • 19 Sep 2013Nicole GalipeauQUéBEC,Canada

    These are the best eating apples in the world!and they keep very well.

  • 06 Sep 2013MimiONTARIO,Canada

    We are in southeast Ontario. My favourite apple is Honeycrisp, and we planted a tree in our backyard 5 years ago. It started bearing fruit immediately the following summer. Early crops were decimated by worms(?) - not sure what kind, but they literally ate almost the whole fruit. Not wanting to spray I started bagging the fruit at the size of a quarter with nylons. I now get about 2 dozen good fruit per year from our tree.

  • 29 Jun 2013David l MulvayFL,United States

    We usually pay $3.99 a pound for these apples but once you eaten them there is no other apple. I can not stand a mushy apple and I never found a mushy applecrisp mushy either.This variety surpasses every other variety of apples.

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  • 14 May 2013LauraCA,United States

    I planted my tree 2 years ago and I will be getting apples this year. I am very excited. It's the slowest grower of all my trees but seems hardy. I haven't had any issues so far and have never treated it. Hope the apples are going to be as good as the best ones I've had. I have eaten Honey Crisp apples many times and unfortunately they are usually sub-par from the grocery store. But when you get them farm fresh they are absolutely wonderful. They are a sweet (but not too sweet) crunchy apple. I like to eat mine sliced and very cold with Myer Lemon juice. Its like apple lemonade and very refreshing.

  • 07 May 2013P. SeburnNW VA,United States

    Got my first and only apple off my 6 yr old Honeycrisp on M7 rootstock. Grown in our heavy clay loam, it was a spectacular specimen, 12oz. and bright red, very dense (unlike some of the store ones from WA, etc.). Still, not my favorite apple, but very good. Other "commercially" grown ones around here seem to get bitter pit and don't color well. Kind of a blotchy weak tree, but I think that's normal.

  • 28 Apr 2013Aubrey SparkmanTEXAS,United States

    Love the taste. Can I put this tree in Austin, TX? If so, can a Gala be the fertility partner?

  • 01 Apr 2013MargaretNEW MEXICO,United States

    I have allergy to this variety of apple.It happened twice.Started with itching in side the ears ,lips and mouth with difficulty swallowing.The allergy was relieved with Benadryl.I wonder what is causing it .I Just wanted to let you know for production improvement and research.I do not have allergy to any fruit.Iam a regular fruit eater.No allergy to any other variety of apple.

  • 03 Mar 2013Baxmobile@Yahoo.ComWA,United States

    Washington resident currently, but grew up in northern Wisconsin & Minnesota. As a reasonably informed apple enthusiast might suspect, this means I've been exposed to _a lot_ of apple varieties. I'm a bachelor and too lazy to bake or cook myself, so eating apples have always been my thing. There are many, many great ones to choose from, Pacific Rose, Pink Lady, Gala, I could go ad nausea, but if I'm at a market and the prices are even remotely comparable, I'm going home with Honey Crisp every time. I can't recall ever having a disappointing one.

  • 28 Jan 2013Ray BelangerMA,United States

    My new favorite apple. Great fragrance and sweet taste.

  • 17 Oct 2012KathyNY,United States

    Quickly became a favorite in my family - no one wants any other variety. Now we're the family with the best apples. High school and college kids who drop by devour them. Pricy but well worth it. Blends well when juiced with other fruits and vegetables.

  • 30 Sep 2012DarlaMO,United States

    I am a devoted fan of the Honeycrisp apple. As an apple snob, I've since been ruined for all other varieties. While some will suffice, none bring the immense joy, exploding flavor and amazing sensory experience that the Honeycrisp delivers.

  • 17 Feb 2012ChristinaNEW YORK,United States

    Honey crisp is the best apple I have ever tasted in my life; it is so good that I even eat the core and only leave the seeds and the stem. It is so crispy that it takes a long time to eat, so by the time you are done you are full, and it is so juicy. It is perfect in every way; if it was a man, I would marry it.

  • 15 Feb 2012JessicaGEORGIA,United States

    A very sweet and crisp apple. Also a very attractive gold color with a pinkish red blush.

  • 23 Jan 2012Albany AppleguyUnited States

    This apple may have the best texture of any apple Ive come across, the flavor is not bad either. I will most certainly be planting some of these come spring.

  • 12 Jan 2012Aaron Curtis GrahamILLINOIS,United States

    This apple will convert anyone pomologically "on-the-fence"--growing up on a farm, I was never one to rave about apples--until now! One bite and I can say that I love, love, love you, HoneyCrisp!

  • 04 Jan 2012Jody ReyesCO,United States

    I have never been a big apple fan, because they all seem too tart to me, then I tasted a HoneyCrisp and now I am a big fan of this apple Yum-O. It is sweet, juicy and crisp the way an apple should be, just sorry they aren't in the stores longer.

  • 31 Oct 2011Cynthia PhillipsIN,United States

    I haven't had an apple this good in a long long time. I'm struggling with being a diabetic and if I finish my meals with a Honey Crisp (and my friendly salt shaker) it takes care of my sweet tooth. Instead of snarfing down cake, candy or a cookie, I'm munching on an apple. Eating a Honey Crisp takes a while, by the time I'm done with the apple I realize I am full and don't have to eat more. I love them and they are so good for my diabetis!

  • 23 Oct 2011Allan SmithILLINOIS,United States

    I am a displaced native Oregonian. The apples from Oregon and Washington have always been my favorite. Growing up with Gravensteins, and later Granny Smiths as my favorites, That was until I tasted my first Honeycrisp. Without a doubt the BEST apple I have ever tasted. It is my VERY FAVORITE!!! Every person I have introduced to the Honeycrisp apple feels the same way. Thank You Minnesota for putting the fun and excitement back in eating apples again!!!

    (Video) Why Are Honeycrisp Apples More Expensive?

  • 19 Oct 2011Kim O'ConnorFL,United States

    Hands down the best apple I've tasted. Crisp, firm, sweet with the lightest tang. I'm lucky they're not available throughout the year; I'd never eat a proper meal again.

  • 23 Sep 2011MattWISCONSIN,United States

    Honeycrisp grown here in Wisconsin are a wonderful taste treat. If you like tart apples or balanced sweet/tart you may find them too sweet for your tastebuds. I like sweet apples and this is one of the best. Skip the grocer section and get these from a local orchard or farmer's market. They do have issues with calcium deficiency related problems - good to know if you plan to grow them in your yard. For fans of sweet apples, if you like Honeycrisp why not seek out a Sweet Sixteen apple as they are even a touch sweeter with unique aromatics.

  • 21 Sep 2011LostindajungleUnited States

    Honey Crisp apples are hands down the best if you can get them fresh. Pink Ladies generally fare better in the grocery store, but here in the SE U.S. you can get them in season and they are amazing.

  • 27 Mar 2011KenWISCONSIN,United States

    Honeycrisp flavor depends largely on soil and weather conditions. Washington grown Honeycrsip apples I've sampled have been blandly sweet and moderately crunchy while every Minnesota and Wisconsin apple I've had has been complex and distinctively crisp. The HC does tend towards calcium deficiency so foliar calcium may be needed for best results

  • 14 Oct 2010Jim KinneyNEW JERSEY,United States

    Our Ramsey, NJ fruit store (Steve's) get's my applause for bringing both Pink Lady and Honeycrisp apples to this North NJ area. Like many that have given up smoking, need better digestive health or just a pick me up during a late evening drive, Honey Crisp Apples are my top vote getter for their sweet, crisp and juicy taste. There are 100+ good reasons for putting any apple into one's grocery basket. 5 co-workers and I had quit smoking more than 5 years ago and shared the common 3 o'clockyearning to sneak a smoke. Lucky for all of us,my wife Ann had brought home some Pink Lady'sfrom Steve's Grocery Store. I took a few to work,chilled and sliced them and then asked my smoker associates to join me at 2:30-3:00 for Sliced Apples and Tea/Coffee. It was fun and became a challenge for associates to bring other varieties and score them versus our top 3.Two years ago, I sampled Honey Crisp Apples and feel they are the best for my taste buds.Four out of Six of us, have made it through 5+ years, without going back to smoking. Apples certainly provide a wonderful sensory diversion during temptations to fall off the wagon.

  • 14 Oct 2009NiamhIRELAND,Ireland

    I just tried my first HoneyCrunch apple from Lidl the other day and I enjoyed them a lot. That's quite a big deal for an apple snob like me. Not my absolute favorite but definitely in my top 10.

  • 30 Sep 2009Kevin HauserCALIFORNIA,United States

    Believe it or not Honeycrisp is outstanding when grown in the heat of Southern California. September was stinking hot- well over 100 degrees most of the month which fried the Queen Cox tree next to the Honeycrisp, but the Honeycrisp apples came through without a mark and are crisp, sweet, juicy, wonderful. It definately has lack of vigor in our climate and so a robust rootstock is recommended.

  • 16 Feb 2009Mark KaneIOWA,United States

    Very juicy, almost no acid, mild flavor at best, and less dense than most dessert apples, hence a yielding crispness, not a crackling crispness. Lacking tartness, it is too sweet for me.

  • 12 Dec 2008MarieMARYLAND,United States

    I LOVE HONEYCRISP APPLES!!! I have no idea why this article says the flavor isn't outstanding because these apples are just that. They have the perfect combination of sweetness and tart and I love how crispy they are as i despise a sandy, too sweet, no tart apple.

  • 01 Dec 2008KathieLANGLEY, B.C.,Canada

    Fantastic apple in season. Honeycrisp is full of fruit flavours. although it doesn't have all the 'honey' tones Golden Delicious sometimes has, it is more complex in flavour and more fully floral-fruity. Also more crisp!. Nice tart sweet balance. I must have gotten mine at the right of the year. It's now my favourite apple.

  • 15 Nov 2008Michael LandryLINCOLN, RI USA,United States

    Since I first came upon the apple 2 years ago, I always fell back on the earlier types. Since then, NOTHING CAN COMPARE. I usually buy apples at a farm stand, but since these are not available there, I buy them at a supermarket. Something I would never think of doing.I eat apples with a knife because I think you can better judge all the aspects of it. A crispness and crunch that cannot be compared with a flavor that's delightful. Sadly, only available for a short time in this area.Does anyone have any experience with cooking this apple??

  • 05 Nov 2008HollyFAIRPORT, NY,United States

    Another great tasting apple. I like the sweeter varieties.

  • 10 Oct 2008Jim Mehle Sr.HIBB., ST. LOUIS, MN. 55746,United States

    3 yrs ago I purchased 2 Honey Crisp trees from Northern Landscaping of Hibb., Mn. I have finally gotten 10 apples on one of the blossoms yet on the other tree. The one that has finally gotten some apples has produced large-sized red apples but the exterior of the skin has some dimples and when I cut one open a day ago, it had some brown streaks in it and some thin brown tunneled streaks. In cutting a second apple I encountered the same. Is this a desease or parasite, etc. that has attacked the apple? Is there a way to prevent this from happening again? Being that these were the first apples produced by this 6 foot tree, it has been mentioned that maybe the first growth should be eliminated. Please advise. Thank you.

  • 27 Mar 2008Melanie MinobeFORT WAYNE, IN,United States

    I have three favorite apples - Haralson, Honeycrisp, and Jazz. I like my apples crisp. I am originally from MN where both the Haralson (very tart) and Honeycrisp were developed. As with the Jazz, all are very good eating apples. Honeycrisp are very seasonal though and are best early in the apple season (early to mid fall). After mid-fall, their shelf life declines and subsequently their crispness. They are typically more expensive in grocery stores but can now be found early in the season at apple farms. The smaller ones are as good as the larger ones.

  • 02 Mar 2008Clay WhitneyCanada

    Very sweet apple when heavily blushed. Crisp all season from Sept through Dec and enough juice to warrent wearing a bib. Good grower in West Coast Canada.

    (Video) How The Cosmic Crisp Is Taking On America’s Favorite Apples

  • 06 Feb 2008Kitty KacirKILLEEN, TX,United States

    Love this apple. This is the first year I've ever even seen it and tried it on a whim. It quickly became an obsession. They are not around in this area any longer (February) but I sure hope they come back next year!

  • FAQs

    What does Honeycrisp apples taste like? ›

    The Honeycrisp apple is known for its honey-sweet flavor. This apple is juicier than most apples because the cells of this apple are much larger than other varieties. Each bite is a refreshing mouthful of apple goodness that keeps you wanting more! You do get notes of a pear flavor with this fruit.

    How can you tell a good Honeycrisp? ›

    Each Honeycrisp apple has an undertone, a slight blush of green in its pink-red skin. The best Honeycrisps, say Luby, are the ones whose green blush exhibits a slight yellowness. If there's too much yellow, that means the apple is far too ripe.

    How do you identify a Honeycrisp apple tree? ›

    What Does a Honeycrisp Apple Tree Look Like? The tree foliage is green with white blossoms, the apple itself is red blushed with some yellow, and the apple's white flesh is crisp and juicy. Honeycrisp apple trees reach a height of 14 to 18 feet and a width of 12 to 15 feet at maturity.

    What are the characteristics of Honeycrisp apples? ›

    • Commodity: Apples.
    • Oblong-conical shape with skin that is blushed scarlet over a yellow background.
    • Creamy white flesh that breaks apart easily.
    • Juicy, crisp, with a refreshing sweetness similar to fresh apple cider.
    • Medium to large.
    • Color: Orange-red.
    • Shape: Oblong-conical.
    • Served Raw: Yes.

    Why do some Honeycrisp apples taste bitter? ›

    Bitter pit, a disorder most commonly linked to calcium deficiencies in the fruit, is one of those difficulties. And it can happen to anybody. It's endemic to the Honeycrisp variety and growers are paying more attention to the risk factors that impact the disorder.

    What apple is better than Honeycrisp? ›

    1. CrimsonCrisp. Billed as a better version of Honeycrisp, the CrimsonCrisp has roots in Golden Delicious, Red Rome, and Jonathan apples, among others.

    Should you refrigerate Honeycrisp apples? ›

    Excellent storage life - Honeycrisp apples have amazing storage life. Outstanding flavor and texture can be maintained for at least seven months in refrigerated storage without atmosphere modification.

    What two apples make a Honeycrisp? ›

    The honeycrisp was developed by cross-pollination of two previously known apples: the honeygold, itself a cross between the golden delicious and the honeygold, and the Macoun. While this process can happen naturally by the wind or various pollinators (like bees), the honeycrisp was given help.

    What is the difference between Gala and Honeycrisp apples? ›

    Gala apples can be bi-colored at once. Now, when it comes to flavor, both of these apples are very sweet. The main difference is that Honeycrisp apples are considerably juicier and also have a slight tartness to them. Honeycrisp apples also have a much more crispy texture and are generally less dense.

    Is there an app to identify apples? ›

    Search Apples

    Intended for orchard professionals and enthusiasts, fruitID has images, descriptors and DNA fingerprints for the common apple cultivars growing in the British Isles. Plums now have sufficient coding to be useful for identification.

    Can 2 Honeycrisp apple trees pollinate each other? ›

    Honeycrisp apple trees are not self-pollinating, so they won't produce fruit by themselves. They also won't be pollinated by another Honeycrisp apple tree.

    How do I tell what kind of apple tree I have? ›

    Locate Documentation. In most cases, the only way to know for certain what variety of apple you have is to have some form of documentation such as a plant label, receipt, letter, or journal entry from the gardener who planted the tree.

    What apple tastes the best? ›

    But which apples are the best tasting apples? Some of the best tasting apple varieties are Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, Fuji, Ambrosia, and Cox's Orange Pippin. These varieties are most flavorful when picked at peak ripeness and eaten within a few months of harvest.

    Why are Honeycrisp apples so good? ›

    The texture of a Honeycrisp is no accident: Its cells have been bred to be bigger than cells in other apples, making the fruit feel juicier and crunchier than its competitors. These cells explode as your teeth tear into them. Then there's its distinct flavor — a clean, clarified sweetness that's almost frosty.

    Are Honeycrisp apples genetically modified? ›

    Natural Breeding, Not Genetic Modification

    Honeycrisp apples are bred and grown through cross-pollination, which is widely regarded as an all-natural process. As such, honeycrisps are not an example of genetic modification.

    What's the difference between Honeycrisp and cosmic crisp apples? ›

    Cosmic Crisp is a cross between Honeycrisp and Enterprise apples. It is intended to have the texture and juiciness of the Honeycrisp, and the late-ripening behavior and long storage of the Enterprise. In breeding the variety, the focus was not on the appearance, but on durability and shelf life.

    Is a Honeycrisp apple sweet or sour? ›

    If you have a sweet tooth, you're going to want to head over to the other end of the scale where you'll find the Fuji, Honeycrisp, Ambrosia™, Gala, Golden Delicious, and Red Delicious apples. These sweeter apples contain more natural sugars and can hide any tart flavors even if they are more acidic!

    Are Honeycrisp apples tart? ›

    Developed in Minnesota, Honeycrisps are fantastic eating apples. As the name indicates, they are crisp and juicy, with a honey-sweet and tart flavor. Honeycrisps are also good for baking and applesauce.

    What is the crunchiest apple? ›

    Crisp Apples Ranked: Crunchiest to Least Crunchy

    SweeTango – SweeTango apples naturally have larger cells giving them an extraordinary crunch and perfect fracture, in fact, it won the Guinness World Record for the World's loudest crunch ever!

    What is the healthiest apple to eat? ›

    1. Red Delicious
    • Research suggests that red-skinned apples have more anthocyanidins than other varieties. ...
    • Besides anthocyanidins, Red Delicious apples contain high levels of polyphenols called epicatechin, flavonoids, flavonols, and phloridzin ( 4 , 6 ).
    15 Jun 2021

    What is the crispiest sweetest apple? ›

    The sweetest apple that is widely available in grocery stores is Fuji. Fuji apples tend to vary in color, from yellow to green to red. Fuji apples are particularly high in natural sugars and have naturally low levels of acidity, letting the natural sugars take center stage.

    Can you get Honeycrisp apples in the UK? ›

    It comes with a hefty price tag. If you are an apple-snacking person, chances are you try to find Honeycrisp apple UK because it is not radially available in the UK. This is a unique variety of apples, but there are some apple varieties that you can consume instead of Honeycrisp apple.

    Why are Honeycrisp apples so delicious? ›

    The texture of a Honeycrisp is no accident: Its cells have been bred to be bigger than cells in other apples, making the fruit feel juicier and crunchier than its competitors. These cells explode as your teeth tear into them. Then there's its distinct flavor — a clean, clarified sweetness that's almost frosty.

    Why are Honeycrisp apples so popular? ›

    Apart from their appetizing crunch, Honeycrisp apples have a clean and clear sweet flavor (via Vox). "They have a mixture of sweet and tart that creates a unique and flavorful apple," said Rowe. As if that weren't enough, Honeycrisp apples have a longer shelf life, too, if stored properly.

    Which is better Gala or Honeycrisp? ›

    Are Gala or Honeycrisp Apples Sweeter? Honeycrisp apples are sweeter than Gala apples. Honeycrisp has a crispy, juicy, sweet taste similar to fresh apple cider. Gala apples are the offspring of the sweet apples, Golden Delicious and Kid's Orange Red which gives them their natural sweetness.

    Where do Honey Crunch apples come from? ›

    An apple destined for international success

    Fruit of research at the University of Minnesota, it has since been grown in France (Loire Valley, South-East and Cher) and even in northern Germany. 80 growers are committed to the HoneyCrunch® approach in Europe with an increasing number of orchards.

    Can you get Honeycrisp apples in Australia? ›

    Honeycrisp is not a common variety in Australia with just two growers in Australia but his presentation gave insight into the possibilities of adapting growers' thinking. It was not an inspiring start for the Honeycrisp when a variety trial delivered it to Dr Prange in 1999.

    What are scrumptious apples like? ›

    Just as its name promises, Apple 'Scrumptious' has a complex and mouth-watering flavour, with crisp, sweet flesh and thin, bright-red skins. Specially bred for garden conditions, it is self-fertile making it perfect for gardens with space for only one fruit tree.

    What two apples make a Honeycrisp? ›

    The honeycrisp was developed by cross-pollination of two previously known apples: the honeygold, itself a cross between the golden delicious and the honeygold, and the Macoun. While this process can happen naturally by the wind or various pollinators (like bees), the honeycrisp was given help.

    Why are Honeycrisp apples so much more expensive? ›

    Labor costs for Honeycrisp are higher than other apples because it's one of the only apples that has to have its stem clipped so it doesn't puncture the skin of neighboring apples when packed.

    Are Honeycrisp sweet or tart? ›

    Honeycrisp. If there was ever a perfect apple for snacking, this might be it. It's fragrant, sweet and tart. Plus, its shatteringly crisp texture works well when used as a topping on open-faced sandwiches.

    What apple tastes the best? ›

    But which apples are the best tasting apples? Some of the best tasting apple varieties are Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, Fuji, Ambrosia, and Cox's Orange Pippin. These varieties are most flavorful when picked at peak ripeness and eaten within a few months of harvest.

    Are all Honeycrisp apples the same? ›

    Cultivar History

    The honeygold is itself also a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Haralson apple, which in a sense means that the honeycrisp is in fact a unique blend of three different apple varieties. The first honeycrisps were developed as a part of a sponsored Minnesota apple breeding program.

    How long will Honeycrisp apples keep? ›

    Treated properly, stored Honeycrisp can maintain quality nine months and longer. After researching this temperamental apple variety for several years, Dr. Randy Beaudry has developed a set of guidelines for harvesting and storing Honeycrisp apples.

    What is the crunchiest apple? ›

    Crisp Apples Ranked: Crunchiest to Least Crunchy

    SweeTango – SweeTango apples naturally have larger cells giving them an extraordinary crunch and perfect fracture, in fact, it won the Guinness World Record for the World's loudest crunch ever!

    What is the most popular apple in the world? ›

    The Red Delicious apple is the most common variety around the world. The apple fruit is one of the most popular fruits in the world, and it is thought to have originated from Central Asia.

    What is the crispiest sweetest apple? ›

    The sweetest apple that is widely available in grocery stores is Fuji. Fuji apples tend to vary in color, from yellow to green to red. Fuji apples are particularly high in natural sugars and have naturally low levels of acidity, letting the natural sugars take center stage.


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