10 cafes in Mussoorie that serve excellent food and great vibes (2023)

Mussoorie, or the ‘Queen of the Hills’ as it is known, was set up by British officers to escape the heat of the plains. The stunninghill station has served as a pleasant getaway for mountain lovers. Dotted with Raj-era buildings and blessed with spectacular hill views, Mussoorie continues to lure in travellers in droves. The charming hill town is also home to several cosy cafes that serve sumptuous delicacies. We’ve featured some of the best cafes in Mussoorie for your next mountain vacay.

Unite your love for food and nature at these cafes in Mussoorie

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  • Cafe By The Way
  • Little Llama Cafe
  • Cafe De Tavern
  • Cafe Ivy
  • The Mudcup Cafe
  • Chick Chocolate Cafe
  • Wisteria Deck
  • Landour Bakehouse
  • Anil’s Cafe, Char Dukan
  • Cafe Tea Totaler

1 /10

Cafe By The Way

“Lovely cosy ambience matched with delicious food and very hospitable service.” This is how a reviewer on Google sums up his experience at Cafe By The Way. Another calls it the best place for coffee, pizzas, shakes, and subs. Located near the Mussoorie Christ Church, Cafe By The Way is perhaps the most popular of all cafes in Mussoorie. Embellished with framed rock band posters on bright tangerine walls, the cafe is conveniently located on Mall Road. Foodies come here to enjoy their superlative Irish coffee. They are also known for their perfectly baked garlic cheese bread and chicken sandwiches. Must-try items include Hot Chocolate, Hazelnut Latte, and Herb fries.

Image courtesy: Cafe By The Way/ Instagram

2 /10

Little Llama Cafe

Another popular cafe on Mall Road, Little Llama will win you over with its black brick wall and wooded exteriors even before you enter it. Located in the London House building, Little Llama stays true to its tagline “food with soul” and serves a variety of delicious culinary offerings. The cafe is famed for its coffee, cookies, cakes, brownies, smoothies, falafels, and burgers. Their Walnut Brownie Cake is simply divine. The rooftop of the cafe offers rewarding views of the verdant Mussoorie hills, giving you another reason to dine here. The prices are super affordable, and the taste is worth remembering. Also, extra points for such romantic seating.

Image courtesy: Impromptu Voyageure/Instagram

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Boasting a gorgeous stone facade with intricate wood carvings and glass windows, Cafe De Tavern is known for its mojitos, sangria, cheesecake, and brownies. The owner Mr Shailendra is known for his unmatched hospitality among patrons. They serve delicious cocktails and fresh woodfire pizzas are also one of their specialities. In fact, thanks to their live kitchen, you could watch your pizza being made in front of your eyes. Try their Citrus Sangria, which is every sip delicious and refreshing. Then there’s the Desi Kukadi Bowl, a local cocktail that will blow you with its spicy and sour taste. Must-haves at Cafe De Tavern include Cold Brew Coffee, Camels Back Waffles, Company Garden-inspired Burger, Gantzer’s Best Pancakes, and Four Cheese Pizza. Their dishes are interestingly named after popular places and people in Mussoorie. Don’t forget to end your meal with a tasty Swiss Roll.

Image courtesy: Duttvi Bhatt/Instagram

4 /10

Cafe Ivy

Cafe Ivy seems to be the favourite hangout joint of Bollywood celebrities. From singers Lucky Ali and Kailash Kher to actors Sunil Shetty and Tiger Shroff to cricketing legend Sunil Gavaskar and dance sensations Dharmesh and Raghav, the cafe has a long list of celeb visitors. Located in the charming neighbourhood of Landour, Cafe Ivy offers stunning sunset views from its balcony. They are known for their pasta, hot chocolate, waffles, pizza, and coffee. You must try their creamy chicken toast, chicken sausage, and mango banana smoothie. They have a quaint book corner with some good reads too.

Image courtesy: Cafe Ivy/Instagram

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5 /10

The Mudcup Cafe

The Mudcup Cafe is one of the first cafes you’ll come across as soon as you enter Landour. You will be surrounded by some incredible wall art as you make your way to the cafe through a charming narrow lane. The cafe’s exterior is impressive, too, thanks to its white walls that feature black graffitiart. The interiors are equally stunning, with a wooden floor and an arched hallway. The cafe has a very cosy and colonial vibe to it. You will love devouring their wholesome English breakfast, possibly the best in town. Their hot chocolate is also worth trying, and so is their creamy Veg Alfredo pasta.

Image courtesy: Nikita Vhora/Instagram

6 /10

Chick Chocolate Cafe

One of the oldest and most iconic cafes in Mussoorie, Chick Chocolate Cafe is located on Mall Road. The place is perfect to enjoy a sun-soaked afternoon taking your tastebuds on a joyride while your eyes savour the views of the historical Mussoorie Christ Church. Patrons swear by their chocolate fudge, chocolate waffles, and vanilla ice cream. Their Irish coffee, rum, and margarita drinks are also some of the best you can taste in Mussoorie. If you are not in the mood to order too much and want to spend some me-time tucked in with a good book, we’d recommend their good old ginger tea, which will wear your mountain fatigue in a jiffy. Their walnut pie, apple pie, and oreo pie are all super yum. They make amazing woodfire pizzas too.

Image courtesy: Chick Chocolate/ Instagram

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7 /10

Wisteria Deck

Housed on the top floor of JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort andSpa, Wisteria Deck offers one of the best dining experiences in Mussoorie. They get full marks for their enchanting ambience with great valley views and plush seating. They mainly serve Italian fare, which is prepared from local produce. Try their Caesar salad, pasta, and watermelon mojito. If you are looking for something to go with your desi palette, they serve the evergreen butter chicken too, which goes well with their paneer kulchas. The best part about this cafe is its proximity to the mesmerising Kempty Falls, which also makes the cafe a favourite among young tourists. Fair warning: go there if you are willing to splurge.

Image courtesy: JW Marriot Mussoorie

8 /10

Landour Bakehouse

Cafe Bakehouse is the most famous cafe in Landour. Also, the most-Instagrammedcafe in Mussoorie. What makes this cafe so special is its location in the vicinity of author Ruskin Bond’s home. Amid the whispering pines and floating mountains, Cafe Bakehouse serves excellent English cuisine. From tasty chicken sandwiches to tapas, and fruitcakes, you can taste a little of everything here. Their lemon pie is perfectly cooked and so are their homemade biscuits. You can also order takeout. Most reviewers online have only nice things to say about their service and staff. And then there’s always the possibility of running into Mr Bond.

Image courtesy: Snigdha/Instagram

9 /10

Anil’s Cafe, Char Dukan

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Most people call Anil’s Cafe at Char Dukan the Char Dukan Cafe because it’s the most popular eatery. The cafe has always been popular among boarding school students and tourists alike. Most people come here for their mouthwatering paranthas, crispy waffles, and delicious pancakes. Their version of the classic Maggi is also worth trying. Anil’s Cafe is also known for their Wai Wai, which they prepare fresh with cheese and eggs. The cafe enjoys a heavy footfall, so you might have to wait for a little while. But with the four cute shops at Char Dukan, you have no reason to crib. When done demolishing your food, take a walk to the Lal Tibba for spectacular mountain views.

Image courtesy: Dipali Parab Dhuri/Instagram

10 /10

Cafe Tea Totaler

As the name suggests, this cafe is known for its impressive range of teas. The quaint little cafe is located on Mall Road but at a lower mountain. So, the chances are that you might even miss it. But the aroma of their fresh tea will come looking for you. Dining at this cute cafe is akin to dining in a garden amidst the mountains. Here you could go for brunch with your friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Try their scrambled eggs with toast, Bombay Sandwich and Banana Pancakes. As far as their teas are concerned, we’d recommend Rose bubble tea, bubble ice tea, and ginger lemon tea. The cafe gets bonus marks for its choice of soft music and courteous staff.

Image courtesy: Minnie Joshi/Instagram

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